Commissioned Programmes

BSc (Hons) Management with specialisation in Human Resource Management (Top-Up) – LCLM 402S

Initially open to Diploma holders, the BSc (Hons) Management with specialisation in Human Resource Management (Top-Up) programme of studies has been offered by CILL in collaboration with the Faculty of Law and Management since 2008. 

In 2018, the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms approached CILL to run the above top up programme specifically for their staff, to enable those already holding a Diploma in Management Studies from the University of Mauritius to upgrade their qualifications to a Degree. The programme has been revamped and launched in October 2019, following an MoA between the University of Mauritius and the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms. 

The BSc (Hons) Management with Specialisation in Human Resource Management (Top up) Programme provides the students with the required expertise to handle relevant HR responsibilities at operational and managerial level in the Human resource department of Ministries / public organisations.



The University of Mauritius and the Mauritius Police Force (MPF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in September 2011, in order to collaborate to offer tailor-made training programmes for Police Officers. A number of training programmes have been initiated, with funding secured from the Mauritius Police Force.


1. Certificate in Police Duties

After successful completion of the training at the various training schools, Police Constables follow two additional University of Mauritius modules (general management and law modules) in order to be awarded a Certificate in Police Duties.

Eight cohorts of police officers in Mauritius (each cohort consisting of 360 police officers) and 2 batches in Rodrigues (total: 150)  have already followed the programme. The ninth cohort has been launched in August 2019.


2. Certificate in Leadership and Management (Operational, Tactical and Strategic Levels)

The Certificate in Leadership and Management programmes are offered at three levels: Operational, Tactical and Strategic Level, with each level targeting different cadres, ranging from Sergeant to Deputy Commissioner of Police. The training programmes are delivered through distance education mode to ensure maximum flexibility for the trainees and aim at building capacity in terms of management and leadership skills, legal knowledge and communication. Ten batches have already completed the course and three batches are currently following training at the UoM (two batches at Operational Level and one batch at Tactical level).


Certificate in French Insurance with ALLIANZ WORLDWIDE PARTNERS MU - LC 100

With globalisation, Mauritius is expanding its labour industry all over the world and, in a parallel manner, the market for specialised services in the French insurance sector is considerably increasing. Requirements in terms of employees’ skills and expertise are becoming more and more demanding. In this regard, there is a challenge to optimise the local human resource competencies in order to match the demand of the society. This certificate course is therefore developed to train in-service personnel/potential new recruits of Allianz Worldwide Partners MU in the french insurance sector. Students enrolled on this programme will also learn communication skills and customer relationship management skills. Students will hence have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills to become experts in French insurance and efficient administrators.


1. Certificate in Supervisory Textile Management 

MEXA has approached the University of Mauritius (Department of Applied Sustainability and Enterprise Development-DASED, Faculty of Engineering and CILL) to mount a customised training programme for supervisors working in the company. The Certificate in Supervisory Textile Management aims to empower their existingstaff, at supervisorlevel, by helping them upgrade their skills. The training is entirely funded by MEXA. 

There are currently two batches following training at the UoM:
- 23 students from Esquel (Mauritius) Limited (2018)
- 25 students from Consolidated Fabrics Ltd (2019)


2. Certificate in Import and Export Procedures

In 2019, MEXA approached the University of Mauritius to design and launch a new programme: Certificate in Imports & Exports Procedures designed for beginners as well as for those who are currently engaged in import and export activities. There are currently 14 students enrolled in the first batch.

Both programmes with MEXA make provision for admission under Accreditation of Prior Learning for those candidates who have extensive work experience but who do not satisfy the entry requirements for a Certificate course.