CILLEstablished in 2014, following the merging of the Virtual Centre for Innovative Learning Technologies (VCILT) and the Centre for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning (CPDL), CILL is responsible for providing and developing the Lifelong Learning Concept, on-line education and eLearning at the University of Mauritius. It currently develops academic modules for the university and pedagogical prototype projects in line with the national ongoing effort for the promotion of ICT, continuous education and lifelong flexible learning.

CILL supports academics and tutors with technology, pedagogical and management tools for the conception, multimedia presentation and networking of their contents and activities. The CILL's complete e-learning environment gives access to academic program for a large group of students.

Vision of the Centre

The Centre aspires to establish itself as a regional Centre of Excellence and to become a global leader in eLearning and Education Technology.

Main Objective

The main objective of the Centre is to help the University to consolidate the position of the University as a pioneer in e-education in Mauritius and to establish the Institution as a leading regional dual-mode institution.

Mission Statements

  • To consolidate the University of Mauritius as a Dual-Mode Institution

  • To contribute to the Internationalisation of the University

  • To promote an innovative culture of teaching and learning at the University of Mauritius

  • To contribute to the University‚Äôs goal of the Mauritian knowledge society

  • To be a high quality provider of online education