BSc (Hons) Web & Multimedia

  • BSc (Hons) Web & Multimedia

    BSc (Hons) Web and Multimedia -

Short Course: LC 0050

  • Short Course: Teaching Strategies and Administrative Responsibilities of Part-Time Lecturers – LC 0050

    Teaching Strategies and Administrative Responsibilities of Part-Time Lecturers - Read More

MSC in Education

MBA Online

  • MBA Online

    Masters in Business Administration, Online -

About CILL

  • About CILL

    The Centre for Innovative and Lifelong Learning (CILL) was created in June 2014 through the merging of two Centres and it is located in the Core Building, Ebène.  CILL is responsible for developing and providing innovative programmes, ranging from short courses to full-fledged programmes, using e-learning or blended learning.  In line with the effort to promote ICT, the Centre develops academic modules, pedagogical prototype projects, continuous education and lifelong flexible learning. CILL also supports UoM academics and tutors to engage with the technology, pedagogical and management tools for the conception, multimedia presentation and networking of their academic activities.  

Academic Staff

  • Processor 1 Dr Goonesh Bahadur 
    Officer In Charge
    & Associate Professor
  • Processor 1 Dr Mohammad Issack Santally 
    (On Leave)
  • Processor 1 Dr Dorothy Cooshna Naik 
    Senior Lecturer
  • Processor 1 Sandhya Gunness 
    Senior Lecturer


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The Core Building, Ebene

Tel: +(230) 468 6970
       +(230) 468 6967


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