Overview of Object-Oriented Techniques. Use-Cases, Class Models, State Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams. CASE Tools. From Design to Implementation. Object Concepts and Java. Java Objects and Development. Core Java Programming Concepts. Java Classes and Objects. Interfaces and Inheritance. Graphical User Interfaces. Graphics. Exception Handling. File Handling and Databases.

Operating Systems Basics. Intro to Networking. Physical Components of a network. Overview of Network Services. Network Protocols. Intranets, Extranets and the Internet. Intro to Network Operating Systems. Windows and Linux Operating Systems. Administration of Network Operating Systems

Application Portfolio. IS/IT Strategic Analysis. Business Environment. Strategic Framework. Business Strategy. Information Technology for Competitive Advantage. Strategic Information Systems Planning Methodologies. Business Process Re-Engineering. Value Chain Analysis. Critical Success Factors. Business Systems Planning. Managing Investment, Information Management. Information Engineering. Knowledge Management. Technology Plan.

Overview of Web Servers. Proprietary vs Open-Source Web Servers. Web Server Configuration File, Hosting and Security and deployment. Installing and deploying Apache. Working with IIS.