Introduction to the basics of photography and digital cameras, characteristics of digital cameras, photo shooting basics, photo framing, composition, handling light, basic photo manipulation and publishing. Introduction to Digital Video. Basics of Video & Sound Editing. Synchronising your videos. Understanding Video Compression and Compression Formats. Exporting your Media.

Problems in Information Systems Projects. Ad-Hoc Computing & Costs of failures. Information Systems Development Lifecycles & Methodologies. Structured Software Analysis and Design Method. Data-flow Diagrams. Entity Life Histories. Data Modeling. Systems Flowcharts. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. Database Design. Structured Query Languages

Principles of visual communication; Principles and elements of design. Theory and use of colour; Image Types, resolutions and formats. Optimization of Images. Typography and layout. Icon design. Web and Graphic design. Semiotics. Image Editing and manipulation Software.

Programming Concepts. Structure of a Computer Program. Logic Structures. Data Structures. Program Design: Pseudocodes and Flowcharts. Jackson Structured Programming. The C++ Programming Language Constructs. File Processing. Stacks and Queues. Arrays and Structs. Advanced Programming Concepts.

Online Language Learning. Presentation Skills, Essay Writing. Spoken French and English (or another foreign language). Study skills.