Introduction and overview of IoT: IoT paradigm, smart objects, convergence of technologies; IoT architecture: perception, transport, processing and application layers; IoT communication technologies: Low-Power Wide-Area Network, Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee, Near Field Communication; Fog/Edge computing; IoT applications and business use-cases.

Cloud networking fundamentals, technologies and applications, Big Data networks and High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructures, Software Defined Networks (SDN)-control and data planes, network programmability and controllers, Cognitive Networks - autonomic, adaptive and self-managing networks, Network Virtualisation, Wireless sensor network architectures and applications.

Mobile & Wireless communication technologies, link budget, system noise figure analysis, RF subsystem modelling, distortion and spectral regrowth, 4G standards, LTE, WiMax, Power control, Diversity creation and combining, Capacity analysis for AWGN and fading channels for narrowband and wideband systems, OFDM channel model, MIMO Channel capacity, Future developments and design requirements for 5G systems, Optical Communications.

Classification Algorithms: Naïve Bayes, Decision Tree, Random Forest and Multi-layer perceptron classifiers, Regression analysis: Linear, Generalized Linear, Multinomial and Logistic Regression, Time Series: Moving Average, ARMA and ARIMA, Clustering algorithms: K-Means and K-Nearest Neighbours.

IoT Security Models, Ethics, Threats, Attacks, Malware, Countermeasures, Social Impact, Wireless Security, Data Security, Device Security, Security-by-design, Inward and outward security, Vulnerability research and reporting, Security as an ongoing process, Security challenges, Recommendations and Guiding Principles on IoT Security for policy makers.

Sensors and actuators, selection of sensors and actuators, fusion of data from multiple sensors, sensor data calibration, sensor data analytics, IoT platform, embedded systems programming, wireless protocols, user interface design, system integration and testing, typical IoT system. Case studies will illustrate the application of IoT in healthcare, digital media and environmental monitoring.