Microgrids, Smart grids, Impacts and solutions of renewable energy integration into the grid, Load and renewable energy resources forecasting, Hybrid energy system optimization, Intelligent electricity transmission networks, Power line communication, ICT infrastructures and technologies smart grids, Smart sensor networks, Data and network security, Home area networks and smart grids, Case studies

Fundamental principles of electrical engineering: Electricity; Direct-current, Single-phase and three-phase circuit analysis; Electrical power and power factor; Fundamental principles of electromechanical systems: Transformers; Direct-current and alternating-current machines; Introduction to inverters; Power system overview: Electricity generation, transmission and distribution; grid protection; fundamentals of load flow; grid monitoring

Introduction to economic theories and principle; Overview of energy markets; Economic appraisal of energy projects; Financing options; Worldwide energy use and future energy scenarios; Energy Management System; Energy portfolio management; ISO 50001; Demand side management; Energy policies: framework and targets, measures and incentives; Energy policies on energy efficiency and management; Energy strategy development and targets achievement

Wind characteristics, wind resource assessment, wind turbine technology, wind turbine aerodynamics, wind turbine control and performance, noise aspects, hydro resource, water turbines, tidal power, wave power, civil works, planning and environmental considerations

Status of biomass and waste as energy sources; Biomass and waste resources; Carbon sustainability of biomass; Principles of thermochemical conversion processes: Combustion, Gasification, pyrolysis; Anaerobic digestion processes; Biofuels; Case studies

Solar radiation, Solar resource assessment, Measurement and estimation models, Design and production of solar cells and modules, Solar cell operation, Photovoltaic system design principles, Current and novel solar cell technologies, Solar trackers and tracking mechanisms, System optimization, Balance of system components, Performance assessment, Concentrated solar power, Energy storage technologies, Planning and environmental considerations, System design standards